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BETTY OWEN WAS born in Eau Claire, Wisconsin in 1964, elder daughter of Brandon and Mary Elizabeth Owen, and was soon joined by sister Kathlyn, who would pursue a career in journalism.
     Fascinated by antiquities and history, Betty pursued a career in Anthropology, specializing at first in Archæology. As she soon discovered, a woman's place was not in the field, and so branched out to become a Jill-of-all-trades, and specialized only in archaic languages. Making herself a multiple asset, she soon overcame the reluctance of other scientists to exclude her from rough-and-tumble field work.
     It was while on an expedition to eastern Turkey in 1992, where her team had discovered a lost Grecian temple, that she discovered an ancient stone-and-metal disc, the broken fragment of a magical shield, and a scroll-book that told the amazing story of this artifact.
     With the repetition of an arcane Attic word, "Hekdekessus!" (meaning "vengeance"), she would become Nemesis, avenger of Olympus. According to the scroll, the twelve Olympians, sensing that their reign over Man would one day end, had imbued their abilities into this shield, forged by Hephaistos himself, and left it as a gift to some future soul who might use their powers to protect Mankind as they once had done.
     Whether this was true, or some fantastic story created to explain the power of the shield, the artifact, though broken, did indeed conjure these changes in its possessor.
     As Nemesis, Betty Owen has joined the Swash- bucklers, and battles the forces of evil wherever they appear.
     But, of course, she still maintains her position in the field of Anthropology, and is pleased to share her interest with all those who, like her, find the past a veritable Pandora's Box of delights and surprises.