A series of special issues




CLassic Adventures

The Emperor Faces the Truth

CL meets a beautiful girl menaced by murderers with false faces – and a terrible secret.




The Emperor Crosses the Deadline

CL and his CLique must learn the cause of a world-wide radio blackout before a Doomsday device automatically triggers World war Three!



Femmes Fatales

Solara and the Ring of Fire

The Blonde Bombshell tries to stop the Church of Nihilism from igniting the ring of volcanoes around the Pacific.



CLassic Adventures

The Emperor in New Orleans

CL and Shanghai Lil run afoul of an ingenious plot during Mardi Gras.



Femmes Fatales

The Encephalapod

Shanghai Lil, Alison Carlsonn, and Cat’s-Eye encounter super-intelligent squid that are attacking England.




The Emperor Runs the Gauntlet

CL and his CLique find themselves battling a recondite assassin and a villain who has found the gloves that Thor used to wield Mjolnir, his magic hammer.



CLassic Adventures

The Emperor in Hidden City

CL and Shanghai find an entire population of Thugees under the streets of Seattle.



Enemy Action

Dragon War

The leaders of Continent-Eight are embroiled in internecine battle when one of them is murdered – by good guy Max Decker!



CLassic Adventures

The Emperor Sees the Light

CL and Cat’s-Eye team up when Doctor Double X acquires a device that blocks out any and all light.



OSS – Office of Swashbuckling Subjects

Impossible Mission

The Hollywood Heroes must battle one of their own when renegade agent Max Decker seems to be working with the Jade dragon.



Enemy Action

The Fall of Continent-Eight and “A Glorious Day”

The end of the trail for the Executive of Crime as the Jade Dragon brings the whole shebang crashing to the ground; and the world finds itself changed the day the Executive falls.



CLassic Adventures

The Emperor in Vienna

CL and Shanghai Lil, visiting Austria, discover a secret in an historic mansion.

Combined with


The Emperor in London

The story of how CL and his CLique first met their interplanetary allies, the Sangans.



Amazing Adventures History Book #1

A chronology of the lives and adventures of the Swashbucklers and their foes.


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